Video, see the EXTERIOR openings that allowed water IN, in, IN, in, IN

Keep yer lil skirts on while i try and explain several things… again.
Video, ‘Exterior basement waterproofing… how to fix a leaky basement’

If you don’t have any friggin patience then fast forward the fcg video to 8:35—8:55, 20 seconds, do you have that much time? See the exterior openings, joints. THAT’s where most of the water was entering.

:15–:30 all you needed to do was, run a water test with a hose…run the water in that area and see if water comes in. Need to run it long enough, sometimes.
If water comes in, you need exterior waterproofing.
And in this case, it would have come in pretty quick.

1:35 already has a partial interior system and a sump pump… out $$$$$

7:15----9:30 Mr Chuck, geezzuz, the drain tiles were NOT, not, NOT the problem!!!

8:35 to 8:55 See the EXXXXXTERIOR openings??? Deteriorated, open mortar joints etc.

The builder,yet again, did not apply ANYTHING on the blocks and joints that were below grade. Dumb fc.

And apparently when it was built the CITY didn’t give 1 shttt either!
Dumb fc.

Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd, there is NO NEED for that exterior sump pump, dang man.

Chuck, did you use/apply hydraulic cement in/over those blocks and open mortar joints OR… did you only apply that LIQUID RUBBER, huh?
Didn’t see and didn’t hear anything about applying hydraulic cement BEFORE the liquid RUB and didn’t see any visqueen etc applied over the liquid rubber.

Have had 1 or more comments here that said, "What difference does it make, as long as they are doing it from the outside’???

Duh!! It does indeed matter, hellllo! It matters what they use/apply or don’t use!
It matters how it is backfilled as well so, please don’t try and tell my azz that, as long as it is done outside it’ll be fine… nonsense.
It will NOT ‘last’… as long, when one doesn’t apply the right shttt!!

And as usual, raising the grade or adding longer downspout ext’s would NOT have sealed/waterproofed ANY of the exterior openings and…duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh, those openings/voids would have got worse, would have got bigger, they would have deteriorated more for krrrist sake.

What, install ANOTHER interior basement system (a full perimeter system) and more sump pumps instead of exterior waterproofing???
Shtt man, NO interior system nor 101 sump pumps would have STOPPED further water from entering beeeeeeecause, they don’t go outside and dig, they don’t seal/waterproof ANY exterior crack/opening! Those openings, cracks, mortar joints often get worse, bigger, wider…duh.

And what do the city housing code, international building code say? Seal/waterproof any–all exterior cracks, holes etc. Why? loool To keep water out. To keep bugs, mice etc out.
Interior system don’t do that!
And yet again, the exterior of the basement or crawlspace walls/blocks were NOT waterproofed went built, morons.

Some fkg how, I’m the bad guy, the know it all bull fk me winkle for… bringing this shtt up! Go figure.
They don’t listen when one tries repeatedly to explain this shtt nicely to them nor do they fkg listen when one screams at their incompetent stinky azz.
From many builders to city inspectors, fk ups on this subject.
From quite a few home inspectors to many realtors, more fk ups.
Add plumbers and landscapers and some structural engineers and some in the MEDIA and, one has a lot of butttttttt-fcd homeowners.
Oh, almost forgot those who PROFESS and fraudulently claim they are there to protect (pffffffffffffffffttttttt!) homeowners from duh cheats, bulllll–fkg shtt man. Like the better azz----hole bureau or Angie’s T_T list of busllhtttt and so on.
Yeah, won’t forget SOME homeowners who friggin think they whats going on, when they friggin don’t, then cry later.
Shttt, it’s your fault too, in part. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaakkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkke uppp please.

Example, I’d bet the better azz hole bureau had/has an A or A+ rating on this cheating, scamming, lying interior system company who fkkkk’d over these homeowners

And quite possibly… a home inspector or city inspector or realtor or an azz wipe in the MEDIA like G Sullivan or Haeges fat azz RECOMMENDED this shttball company to the homeowners

Homeowners wrote, caption under duh fkg video…in part, “They advised us it HAD to be done from the inside”.
Stop there. BULLLLLLLLLLshttt, bullllshttt, liars, cheats, frauds.

Homeowners wrote, “They said they couldn’t fix the hole where the water was coming through and tried to convince us that a membrane covering…would keep us dry”

It’s not at all just that company in the video, fk no!!!
It’s pretty much, all interior system companies who say ignorant, fraudulent shtttttt like that to homeowners.
And yet some in the media or some city inspectors or some HI’ and realtors etc recommened these kinds of azz holes to homeowners? Huuuuuh??? loooollllll

And now, looooooooooooooool, azaleas could be why homeowners get water in their basements!@!%^@^!& A lil piece of supposed advice from, ummm, realtors etc’t-let-your-flooded-basement-sink-you/

Duh, the azalea thing is apparently from a licensed architect.
Umm he says, ‘solutions range from band aids to major surgery… start with duh band aids and work your way up from there’

Gee whiiiiizzzzzzzzer, why wouldn’t one start with, umm, maybe, finding/determining/identifying how—where the stupid water is getting in and then, maybe ummmm, fix it!! Huh???

Why the fkkkkkkkk would anyone in their right waterproofing-mind, spend hundreds or a thousand + on shttttt when they have not found/determined/identified their stupid problem yet, huh! Waste of time and money. THAT–money, could have been spent on the actual solution.

The next guy says apply/try Drylok. Why???

Then we have, the often used bullshtt-story, ‘if your exterior drain tiles are clogged’, you may have to dig, sometimes all the way down… loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool!!!

After this shttt, they say another less invasive option is bentonite clay etc, haahahahaaaaaaaaaa.

Next they offer up an… yep, interior drainage system and actually claim it is a "highly specialized job’!!! omfffffffffffffffffffffffffgggggg what the fk are we doing man, g damn people.

This is all just more rookies, non-experts, talking/writing incompetent bulshttt. Hey Bubba has a fkg idea, why doesn’t the architect go back TA drawing etc, why doesn’t the estate management dude go back to that shtt and same with the realtor, go back to what you know, and stop writing about shttt you don’t because all you are doing is adding to this long fcggg bulshhhtt story.

Some azaleas fer ya’s… why some basements leak huh, okie dokie

Desert Rose… Stingieeee …‘Bubba dreams of raiiiiin…he dreams of azalea gardens in duh desert sand’