Video Testimonial from InterNACHI Member Dennis Bonner

Watch this short video testimonial from InterNACHI Member Dennis Bonner from Florida Insurance Inspections.


That came out great. Dennis even got to finally wear his glasses. Spanish showoff :slight_smile:

I thought shorts were not a professional look as a home inspector.

He’s in Miami in July.

This is Florida during the Summer. I never had anyone complain or even look at me cross-eyed and I wore them for years. Once I broke my heel I had to start wearing boots and tactical long pants to protect myself in attics and stuff because I am not as nimble and my balance is not as good so sometimes my legs hit things or I have to move differently that I used to.

If you got a problem with people working in any biz in Florida in shorts you must never had to endure our hellish Summers. Heck I do not think I even put on a long sleeve shirt once during the Winter.

I used to wear embroidered Polo shirts and finally said screw that now it is strictly Under Armour Tee’s unless of course I am helping make an interNACHI video :slight_smile: then my short sleeve CMI shirt is a must.

Well done