Video Topic Request/Suggestions

Hey Guys,

I will be working on a new training video like my " Sizing a Service" video this weekend and figured i would ask the HI’s what topic ( keeping it a brief one ) you feel would be worth doing for the HI industry.

These video’s are not designed for electricians so I am more concerned with the idea’s from the HI’s here on a topic they feel is needed in the electrical field.

Rather than come here and be a critic…how about constructive suggestions for a short training video and I am asking for your advice on what you think other HI’s would like to watch on the next series.

Post your suggestions here…in this thread and ONLY suggestions on topics please.

How about a video that teaches HI’s how to point out defects without quoting a code book. It is nice to know the code, but if you quote a code book for electric, then you would have to do it for plumbing, structure, hvac, etc. We only have to point out what is wrong. That might help some guys stay out of trouble.

The ins an outs of double tapping and double lugging.:slight_smile:

Hi Paul,

How about something on bonding and grounding?

I don’t recall ANY of my training on here using the NEC and leaving it at that…i also dont recall my VIDEO on sizing a service using the term CODE at all…I don’t use CODE when I teach unless someone wants to know the CODE.

Code is used to have a basis for the safety aspect…but again you wont see code in my posts unless they are to clarify and fact is you wont see code references in hardly ANY of my posts unless it has a picture with it which is required when using any of Mike Holts images…so FACT is I dont use CODE in any of my HI video’s or lessons.

And thats a GREAT point…I do enough code quoting for the AHJ’s I consult for…lord knows I like NOT having to use it here and I thank you for making that a point as well…I made the approach to make this happen over 2 years ago and in doing so I believe has REALLY helped the HI…anyone who has attended my seminars know I dont have ANY code references in my courses but I may VOCAL the code number that may validate the safety aspect but never in the actual presentation.

lol…man what a world. I got a negative box for this thread and I am TRYING to help this industry…simply amazing as I sure have some people out their who just dont like me for some reason…why I have no idea…but alas thanks for the suggestions fellas.

The good thing is…visionaries like Nick and other successful people in this industry ignore the critics and in the end make the industry better…so we press on.

This would be a GOOD one but doing it properly in 5 minutes would be tricky but I am up to that challenge…I will see if this is suggested by anyone else as well…thanks

Paul -

How about the need to separate neutrals and grounds in distribution panels?

I suspect a lot of newer HI’s don’t fully comprehend that the neutral is carrying current and must be insulated (and isolated!) when leaving the main service cabinet. A lot of HI’s KNOW the neutrals and grounds should be separate in a dist. panel, but I suspect they don’t understand WHY. Related to this would be the need for 4 conductor feeders.

I know when I was a rookie it took me awhile to wrap my head around this…

Most excellent…now I know we will do one on that topic as I do spend some good time in my seminars explaining the cause and effects of improper bonding of the remote distribution panel…sounds like we will be doing this one also…thanks a bunch.

In fact I know a PRIME example of where the term ground and bond were being used TOGETHER and it should not have…and is being DONE alot so I will make that one a priority.


I think Grounding Bonding and neutrals and grounds in distribution panels would be nice. And I think with your knowledge anything would be a learning experience.