Video Updated within Advanced Mold Inspection Training Course

We just updated the video within InterNACHI’s free, online Advanced Mold Inspection Training Video Course by breaking down the previously very long video into ten smaller, easier-to-view videos.


First thing I noticed was the pump. Inspectors might want to use a cordless pump such as the Zefon BioPump Plus or the Buck BioAire. A little more expensive but doesn’t require electricity for those homes that have their power turned off, which inspectors most likely run into.

ZEFON BioPump Plus

Buck BioAire

EMSL Analytical, Inc.

I am now ready to get into this. Please feel free to contact me and lets get started.

As for as houses without power. I use a powerpack, such as what is used to jump start a car, for less than $100. Can easily get 55 minutes of run time on a pump similiar to what Ben is using.

Sadly you still have that Dr. Shane in the Vids, didn’t he screw Pro Lab and go over to the Dark side ?

Other than that, you Rock Ben, once again !!! Great course like always.