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Some things are crystal clear.
60 billion emails are sent every day. 1 billion people across the world are online. Email changed the way we communicate, video is changing the world…especially for those who can see it. Do you want to be involved in this technology shift?
VM[FONT=Univers-CondensedLight][size=3]direct® is a business opportunity combining streaming media products, online social networking and a multi-tiered affiliate program.
[/size][/FONT]****VM[FONT=Univers-CondensedLight][size=3]direct’s product, helloWorld, offers a unique, in-demand, unparalleled product. It gives consumers an easy-to-use, comprehensive web-based platform to make keeping in touch with loved ones and associates effortless. Our business plan and turnkey business solution is optimized for your success and will teach you all you need to know to thrive in your internet based business.
direct equips you with all the products, tools and support you’ll need, including a real time commission report showing you all the goals you’ve achieved and what milestones you need to achieve to earn even more money. Release your inner entrepreneur and prepare yourself for a bright future. Welcome to [FONT=Univers-CondensedBold][size=3]VMdirect. Connecting People - Changing LivesSM . VMdirect is…
[/size][/FONT]A team ahead of its time and ahead of the trends. A business opportunity combining streaming media products, online social networking and a multi-tiered affiliate program. The opportunity to represent helloWorld, a comprehensive web-based digital media platform that allows users to create, transcode, store, manage and share all their digital assets. An automated turnkey business solution with comprehensive commission reports, a 24/7 support system, live business coaching and online tutorials and webcasts. A lucrative compensation plan designed to reward you generously for your efforts!
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You can sign up for as little as $ 10.00 Send Instant Video by e-mail. No Software Needed. Operate your own Web TV Broadcast. Own your future! Be in on the ground floor!
Questions? Call Merrell Institute @ 631-563-7720. We think the above links will explain it even better. VM Direct for those who want to market it, and Helloworld if you simply want to use it! Check it out NOW!!! I ask you to take the time to really check it out! You will be pleased with the options and services, all included in your membership
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