View PDF with Video and Annotations on Mobile Devices!

Hi Guys,

Your clients can now view video and your popup glossary annotations on Android, iPhone and iPad devices with the free Xodo app. Add this recommendation in the email you send to your clients with the report. Both are free apps.

Direct link for Android:

for iOs:

Happy this is posted as it is the best of both worlds.
PDF report plus video can be seen on phones and tablets.

The HIP train just keeps on rolling.

Been working on a special Video format report and after all these years have a good idea how to finally implement it.
Technology is finally catching up to fuzzy wishes from years ago and it is time to make a change.

The biggest trick is how to make a report more detailed without added time in producing .
Have not altered my old sample reports in many years but that may be about to change in the near future and am actually excited about it.

Being able to view videos and links in PDF format is HUGE.