Villa in Khan Cbar Am Pov

This Villa for selas]( is locate : Sangkat Niroth, Khan Cbar Am Pov, PP .In Borey Peng Houth, This ares is hign safe, Near hospital, school, market, Suitable for business and living,
Property Details:
Listing No. : CI 00004
Total Area : 4x16m= 64sqm
Floor : 3 floor, 4 bedrooms,
5 bathrooms
real estate in cammbodia](

Any located right next to the Killing Fields?

Actually, it looks pretty nice. I think Phnom Penh has changed quite a bit since the days of Pol Pot. And if they expect to get anything like $350,000, so has Cambodia’s economy.

I am glad somebody got the crude joke, but WTF advertising here. That was one bad place when I was a young man.

I spent quite a bit of time in SE Asia doing marginally legitimate things. It is awesome. I could live there.

I think I would like everything about it but the heat.

I think that in wanting to advertise to Americans they use Google, land on InterNACHI, and then they don’t understand exactly what it is we do but they understand we’re connected to real estate somehow and it just takes a minute to paste and post.
I remember. Scumbags like Pol Pot are like cold viruses. They’re always present but it isn’t until things start falling apart and defenses weaken that they’re able to take control and do their damage.

Well I sure hope nothing like that goes on again for those folks sake.

Military, diplomatic corp, or “other”?