Vinyl siding is weeping

Have a picture example of you doing it?
That above is mine.

Two different houses.


Vertical mulch.

In the works!

Hmmm bet you are glad you did that.thanks…:slight_smile:

The condensation between the OSB aka vertical mulch and the Vinyl/ un-breathable siding has to go somewhere, good thing it has weeps. What is going to be happening behind the seamless in a few years time?

Thanks Carl.

I know where there is a house that has Vinyl on it and you can smell the mold from the street!


It sure would help us if we had dog smelling type noses

no dog needed for this one:twisted:

I do the same as Chris Currins. Pretty easy to shine a flashlight behind an overlapped joint or two.
Many areas around here did not require WRB behind vinyl even into 2005!!!
That much moisture behind the cladding would be quite concerning to me… but that’s just me. :wink: