Vinyl Soffits Affecting Attic Ventilation

What’s the word on vinyl soffits vents not aligning with the original wood soffit vents underneath. Many times I will shine my flashlight through the perforated holes in the vinyl soffit vents and see solid wood underneath. When I go into the attic its usually hotter than average. It seems like a lot to explain to your client that the vents don’t align which is causing a ventilation issue. Anyone else see this often?

Is there adequate ventilation anyway?

Word: Mis-aligned?

That is common on remodels.
One way to see if there is soffit ventilation is to get in the attic and shut your light off. No sunlight at the eave edge, most likely no ventilation.
Also, remodelers often add insulation and install tight to the roof sheeting stopping air flow from soffits…easy fix as long as exterior soffits are open.
There may be gable vents and a ridge vent so check for that prior to writing up as inadequate ventilation.

Thanks, Scott.

I usually find them spray painted over

Painted Over or Blocked Soffit Vents

Continuous soffit/eaves intake venting is the proper location for the intake air, in order to assure that the entire under-side of the roof sheathing is vented and kept dry.
Painted over or blocked soffit intake vents are ineffective in providing good under-roof or attic ventilation causing wet and possibly moldy roof sheathing on those roof sections where no venting is provided.

Proper attic ventilation in your home is important for many reasons. During the warmer months, heat builds up in your attic during the day and results in higher energy costs for cooling the home. Also, moisture within the home may move into the attic and if this moisture is not properly or effectively removed, it can condense and cause insulation and construction materials to deteriorate. Thus, temperature and moisture control are the major reasons for providing attic ventilation.
Attic ventilation is critical to the performance of the roof and attic structure. A properly ventilated attic will help building materials last longer and help protect the home from costly damage.

**recommend either cleaning-clearing/removing paint (if possible) or replacement

**call licensed contractor for further evaluation/scope of repairs/costs