Virginia consumer has WDO question for NACHI members...

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Sent: Thursday, April 27, 2006 12:09 PM
Subject: I don’t understand, please help

Dear NACHI inspectors:

  • We have just sold our home (Virginia) and had the home inspection and termite inspection. The two reports appear to CONFLICT, and I’m hoping you can help. The home inspection report by XXXX says that the .3ml moisture barrier under the house is approved. The termite inspection report by XXXX says there needs to be a moisture barrier and/or fungus installed “as needed”. They also say we have NO CHOICE and must pay $722 to have this work done before we can sell the house. The real estate agent says we have NO CHOICE. Who is right? What is the difference between the two barriers? Any help you can send my way would be appreciated.*

Christina Porter