Virginia Governorship goes Republican.

Rough nite for Dems.

It was horrible night for the Dems.

They will be in hyper spin mode all day .

Who got new jersey?

Wait until next year when the Republicans take control over the House and the Senate. The backlash will be much like Clinton faced in '94, IMO, and as I predicted about 15 months ago.

And, like Clinton in 96, President Obama will be re-elected.

Obama’s star power is diminished and it’s along way until 2012.

And justifiably so!

Not if he doesn’t grow a pair between now and then.

Just learned that Governor-elect McDonnell is a '76 ND grad. One more reason to celebrate!

Michael, That is the greatest graphic, one of the best I have ever seen.

Finally! Change we CAN believe in!! :smiley: