Virginia licensure

I’m working on putting my paperwork together for my Virginia License. On the experience form it says if you’re self employed submit a detailed list of inspections. Does anybody know what that means? Addresses & dates or do they require client names, contact info, square footage, what else?

I’ve tried calling the DPOR folks to no avail, any assist anyone can provide would be very helpful.

Also… does anyone know anything about the New Construction courses VA will require soon???

I just sent a list of addresses and dates that I inspected them. I was not about to create a list with all of my clients info.

The new construction courses are in the works.

This pertains to new, non-certified inspectors, right?

Correct, if you already Certified you are automatically Grandfathered in.


I’ve submitted my info to DPOR and I included 50 inspection dates and addresses only. When I spoke to them about it a few months back that is what they needed.

The NRS designation is an online class that should be published soon. Bill

Exported a list from my inspection software. Just provided dates and address. That wasn’t even questioned during the review. They just asked for a course update from one of the schools I attended.

Still waiting. Hope to hear from them again.

This pertains to all old non State Board certified inspectors too.

Being “certified” by a trade association like NACHI and ASHI does not mean you will be granted a license. You need to already be in their database by having received certification through the Board for Asbestos, Lead, and Home Inspectors.

look at the Note at the end: