Virginia Tech Shooting

Its happening to us again. This time an officer has been shot and campus is on lockdown. I am 5 minutes from VT, right now and man is on the run. Radio said officer didn’t make it and someone else has been shot . Please pray for Virginia tech today.

Charge every able-bodied University employee present who didn’t return fire with the same charges filed against the perpetrator. If you are able-bodied, you have a moral duty to help defend your fellow citizen from nutcases and/or tyranny. For K-12 schools, it is imperative that school administrators, responsible for the safety of our children, be trained and armed so that they can fulfill that duty.

Trying to get our kids. 2 people are dead already. Thanks for caring for us Nick.

We have the kids

Cops everywhere with automatic rifles.

Hey Michael, just heard the news on the radio. I’m glad you got your kids back safe and sound!

Will thanks for caring. My kids are everything to me and crystal.

I cannot imagine the fear and anguish you went through and I hurt for the people who lost their loved ones today. I’m with you, my kids are everything to my wife and me.

Are carry permit holders allowed to help defend the innocent at that University? I would hope so considering what happened last year.

Nick (2007, April), I am not 100 percent sure, but I do not think firearms are legally permitted on campus as of today. I am with your way of thinking though. You would think that of one had a permit to use a firearm, then he should be able to defend himself, as well as others.

Correct. There will always be nuts who have access to weapons. We can’t do much about that. What we can do is send the real mass murderers to prison for life. Those being the pro-rape/pro-murder/gun control nuts who leave women with nothing but their screams as a defense, and school administrators with nothing more than chalkboard erasers to defend the children they are entrusted with. Send them all to prison forever for the rapes and deaths they permitted.

Agreed. Better yet let them deal with a true redneck, like yours truly.

Local authorities now determine there is no threat, they say it’s over.

I always carry. Even at home. When seconds count, the police are only minutes away.

When seconds count, police are only minutes away.

They should learn to shoot a dart gun like they do for Animals since they are Animals. All should be trained by the Government to protect in a situation like this.

Not sure what you mean exactly. If you’re talking about CWP holders like myself, it’s my moral *duty *to keep myself alive for my family’s sake. CWP holders are not the police. American’s have a 2nd amendment right to carry firearms (albeit with many restrictions in some states). For those of us that have chosen to exercise that Constitutional right, it isn’t our *duty *to defend the sheep out there who have chosen *not *to defend themselves. I may *choose *to do so, and probably would in certain circumstances, but it isn’t and shouldn’t be a private citizen’s *duty *to defend someone else.

How about taking the initiative to learn how to protect yourself? You really think the “Government” should train “all” people in self defense? :roll:

The one situation where it is every citizen’s duty to help protect their fellow citizen is when thwarting tyranny. For every-day crime, a law-abiding citizen simply brandishing a weapon (and not firing it), is enough of a deterrent in most cases.

I take it you are not a CWP holder. Brandishing a gun will get you killed. You should never pull a weapon unless you intend to use it.