Virginia to license Home Inspectors

Virginia legislature passes consumer protection home inspection legislation -

February 24, 2016 by RealEstateRama On Monday, the Virginia General Assembly overwhelmingly passed legislation creating a licensure system for professional home inspectors in the Commonwealth. Senate Bill 453, patroned by Sen. Bill Stanley, R-Moneta, passed the House of Delegates on a 100-0 vote The bill, a legislative initiative of the Virginia Association of REALTORS®, now heads to the Governor’s desk RICHMOND, Va. – February 24, 2016 – (RealEstateRama) —On Monday, the Virginia General Assembly overwhelmingly passed legislation creating a licensure system for professional home inspectors in the Commonwealth. Senate Bill 453, patroned by Sen. Bill Stanley, R-Moneta, passed the House of Delegates on a 100-0 vote. Senate Bill 453, which previously passed the state Senate 30-9, now heads to Governor Terry McAuliffe’s desk for review and signature. “The home inspection has become such a critical part of the residential real estate transaction and this legislation creates a consumer protection for buyers and sellers,” said 2016 Virginia Association of REALTORS® President Bill White. “Our REALTOR® members supported this key initiative as part of our 2016 legislative agenda.” The home inspection process is used to determine the current condition of the major systems in a house such as the roof, foundation, HVAC, electrical and plumbing systems. In 2003, the state legislature created a voluntary certification program for home inspectors. Since then, Virginia added the need to have a home inspection performed to the real estate “buyer-beware” disclosure form, which all potential home buyers are required to receive. “This legislation is simply about protecting consumers,” said Stanley. “The Commonwealth has been moving in this direction for a number of years, and as the home inspection becomes more critical to the process, we wanted to make sure that everyone is operating under the same regulatory system. This is the last piece of the puzzle.” “For years, we have encouraged our REALTOR® members to recommend a certified home inspector to their clients. Now this will become the standard throughout Virginia,” noted White. The Virginia Association of REALTORS® worked with legislators and stakeholders from the home inspection industry, home builders and lending industry to create the consensus legislation. “As a REALTOR®, I see the real life impact of the home inspection on real estate deals on a regular basis,” said Del. Jackson Miller, R-Manassas, who introduced the companion House Bill 741. “From buyers and sellers to lenders and insurance providers, many stakeholders consider the home inspection report during the transaction. This new law will allow all of those parties to have confidence that the inspection is being done by a licensed professional.” Miller’s House Bill 741 was approved 99-0 by the House last week and will be heard by the Senate in the coming weeks. “As home inspectors, we take great pride in providing buyers with knowledge and information about their new home. For most people, this is the largest purchase they will ever make. This legislation will help buyers know they are working with a professional who has the appropriate level of training and expertise,” said Virginia Association of Real Estate Inspectors President David Rushton. The legislation includes a provision to grandfather in home inspectors who have already earned their voluntary certification. It also contains a delayed enactment of July 1, 2017 to give the Virginia Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation time to prepare and implement the new program. # # # - See more at:

All I can say to many of you who argued with me about this many times over the past few years is I told you so !!! Now wait and see the new licensing process…LOL…


Wheras I do not typically like or agree with many things in our govt, but in this instance I think it is a good thing for the Public, and for all V, Licensed and Certified Inspectors.

Remember I said this was coming over and over years ago.


Licensing solves nothing.

I creates a state albatross by spending tax payers money worthlessly. Kansas got the old HI laws out, because they did not serve the consumer. HI licensing is pushed by lobbyists and REA special interest groups, so all HI’s are now required to do basic, minimalist inspections, which do not alarm the home buyer. The home buyers will now get the shaft. All HI’s are now cheap, short report $199 inspectors. Why do a better job for the consumer when all you have to do is abide by the basic, minimal state laws?

Sad for all of your home buyers. Remember, all drivers who have a driver’s license are good drivers, right? All politicians voted it into play, because they got campaign contributions. Any HI licensing law does not protect anyone. Now HI’s, who are “licensed” must protect themselves from lawsuits that the laws will create. Just ask Texas. Get good insurance, have an attorney look over your agreement and reports, all to protect yourselves.

As we all see in the article AND newspaper, this was NOT pushed by consumers but by the **“Used House Commissioned Sales People”. **With 4 relatives that have been on the National Board of Realtors OR Presidents of state or major city BoR’s its fairly well known knowledge that the NAR has had this as a NATIONAL legislative goal since about 2001. Its purpose is and always has been to shift liability off themselves, sellers, etc AND move it onto another profession who in most states do NOT have the $$$$$$$ or man-power to fight them OR because as Gary and I found out a few years ago … We had a fair amount of home inspectors that did NOT wanta anger their food source (REA’s).

It did NOT improve the quality of HI’s, or of inspections or of reports AND it fooled the public (any yoyo that took a 80 hr class, passed the state test and had $200 was a LICENSED / REGISTERED home inspector including 21 yr old kids).

In our area, it drove fees DOWN not UP as some inspectors foolishly thought it would.