Virginia Woman Mauled To Death By Her Own Dogs During Walk In Woods, Sheriff Says

All pits should be shot .
They are fighting dogs and should never be kept as pets.

Virginia Woman Mauled To Death By Her Own Dogs During Walk In Woods, Sheriff Says : The Two-Way : NPR

Pit Bulls are why I carry when I go to the park.

I hate the bas*tards.
Many years ago I had some come onto my property and tear my highly trained german shepherd to shreds. (I lived in the middle of miles of forest.)

I follow their trail through the wood for about a couple of miles and found many pits that were obviously fighters, scared and ears chewed off.
Went back to the house and got my SKS and shot them all.
I still to this day after 20 years, I miss my shepherd Zack ! He was my best friend.

Pit bulls, rottweilers, & dobermans in my opinion.

Check out the statistics on these killers…

2016 dog bite fatality statistics

2016 U.S. Dog Bite Fatalities - Dog Bite Statistics -

Pit Bull Myths - Dangerous Dogs -

Your opinion is based on ignorance. The modern dobe is one of the most faithful, people oriented dog breeds. They are velcro dogs and stay literally glued to their people. I’ve lived with them for over 35 years.They are statistically no more dangerous than labs.

Pits and the only breed I have problems with.

Pit Bull Discrimination – A People Problem?

I have encountered a lot of Pit Bull and Pit breeds and have never had a problem. I did an inspection where the owner was there and had two guard trained Pits and she told me to just ignore them and stay away from them. They followed me everywhere. She freaked when she caught me giving them a belly rub!

Short of a brain disorder the only vicious or problem dog is one that is poorly raised, poorly trained, and poorly treated!

No read this…

Pit Bull Myths - Dangerous Dogs -

I shot a Pitt Bull on an inspection once. I guess it wasn’t used to anyone else going in the Master bedroom and it trapped me in there and wouldn’t let me out. After a couple hours, I just shot it. The seller/owner got all mad at me. I’m like “dude, he’s your dog! What are you getting mad at me for. I should bill you for my time including cleaning the gun tonight.”

Thank you sir I agree.

I’ve been around a lot of supposedly vicious breeds and have NEVER been attacked or bitten EVER! When I was working Katrina in New Orleans I ran across a lot of Pits, Dobermans, Rottweilers, German Shepherds, and others, many who were not even trained to protect but damn sure would if you stepped out of line. Every single one of them knew how to determine a threat and not a single one ever did more than watch me closely.

That link you are providing is from a group that makes their living off of donations by people caught up in the myths and hysteria surrounding poorly raised and treated animals and they specifically work against Pits. Did you notice the referral page to “Dog Bite Lawyers”?? Now look at how these “Dog Bite Lawyers” can get their name on the list. Of course it’s by paying this group even more money and the more you pay the higher or better your listing. Almost anyone can get a 501©(3) charity designation today and make loads of money off of the public!

I work for the phone company for 20 years almost. There nothing but land alligators, but worse than that.

My personal experiences with pits has always been good, but they are implicated in an inordinate number of incidents and their tennaciity makes attacks more dangerous. I’m really not in a position to argue for or against as a breed.


Whatever Chucky, you have your opinions and I have mine. Merry Christmas!

My next door neighbor has a Doberman and her name is Scoop (female). She is the sweetest dang dog you would ever know! We’re in the country and when the neighbor walks down the road Scoop is right there the whole time. I’ve watched Scoop put herself between my neighbor and a suspected threat and she won’t back down from her protection mode either! Once the threat is over she goes back to being the sweetest little thing you ever saw. :smiley:

In your mind, does calling me Chucky lend credence to your argument? Makes you come accross as petulent, childish. Doesn’t belittle me except to the simple minded.

If you feel your statement was not born of ignorance, defend it if you can. Instead you just surrendered.

Smartest dog I have ever encountered was a Doberman… RIP Hans. Knew a totally blind Roty years ago that could ran through the woods without hitting any trees, he would find and bring home box turtles, unharmed. :lol:

Wasn’t trying to belittle you Chuck. I like the name Chucky, didn’t think it would offend you, I do apologize. As for defending anything, I have no need to. Like I said, it is my opinion. I’m not going to sit here and play doggy wars. Like I said, Merry Christmas! Have a great New Years as well. Of all the dogs I have come across, I have found pit bulls, rottweilers, and dobermans to be the most aggressive and unpredictable. Your dogs may be great and loyal to you and your family, if so, that’s awesome. Don’t take offense to my opinion, I am not here belittling your pets personally.