Virtual Back Office for HG?

I’m wondering if anyone knows of a service that will answer phone calls and schedule appointments for HomeGuage users? I saw that there is a service advertised in the InterNACHI newsletter that will answer calls and schedule appointments for inspectors, but I wasn’t sure if it was something where I can give them administrative access to my HomeGauge account and have them book appointments through my regular system or not.

If you know of a service that integrates well with HG, please let me know. If not, it may be a nice addon for HG to offer in the future!


Americas Call Center

I will give them a call - thanks!!

I called Americas Call Center. It sounded like a great service, but they aren’t integrated with HomeGauge yet. I’m hoping to find a service that can use HG’s scheduler if possible. Does anyone know of another service that can tap into HG?

You may want to check with Russell. I thought he mentioned he’s trying to hook up with a call center and would be making an announcement soon.

ISN has many call centers that work with it.