Virtual Inspection Colab

I do not know if this is the correct place to add this but I am creating this for everyone to add photos of issues from inspections as means for visual inspection. I am doing this because I do not have enough homes to inspect but still could use the experience.

Please add pics!
What is up with this?

Garrett, could you comment on the issues that you see with each picture, please?

It will help everyone… :smile:

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And while you’re at Larry’s suggestion, what’s up, if anything, with this :cowboy_hat_face:

Gladly! I put them up there without stating issues to promote interaction etc.

Image #1: detached handle and leak at gasket.
Image #2: underside of sink, showing active leak, rust/corrosion.
Image #3: staining/bubbling. No moisture content but indicates previous leak.
Image #4: NOTHING! Gotta stay on those toes!
Image #5: hard to see from image but it needs a reseal, possible organic material, and signs of previous water damage.
Image #6: Nothing. Some corrosion no leak. Would not even be noted, just figured I’d add it for conversation sake- Appeared serviceable at time of inspection.
Image #7: off track, swings back and forth.

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breakers are from two manufacturers, missing labels, the main breaker should be connected together, the black wire does not look properly secure and the white wire looks to have damaged insulation.

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Thank you, Garrett!.. :smile: