Virus spread in Canada

Microsoft News. Good read.
It has been controversially labeled the “China virus,” but new research suggests Canada’s COVID-19 epidemic might be better nicknamed the America virus.
More than half the imported variants of the pathogen that led to outbreaks in this country likely came from the United States, with Russia, India, Italy and the U.K. following well back as sources of imported virus, scientists from B.C., Ontario and Arizona concluded.


No, It came from China, And who cares its killing lots of people, My oldest Brother died from covid, what the hell man, you can put the blame on Americans, you folks didn’t shut your borders any fast then we did, I did not read the article because most articles are BULLSHIT


Bryan. Hope this post finds you well.
I hope you had the patience to read the entire article.

The article I believe was to show to certain individuals, viruses have no borders and are transmissible. If anyone wants to pinpoint the first outbreak of origin and title it that countries name is politicizing what is transmittable though animal migration. No more no less.
So if Trump said, it was a Chinees virus, we in Canada say Bunk. It’s an American virus due to the lack of proper governance by the past administration plaguing our nation.

Sorry to hear about your brother.
My thoughts and prayers are with you.



I concur. Unfortunately the past administration was inept in keeping North America safe…

And again who cares were it came from, its a world wide disaster


Hang in there, brother. If we could all get along, we could beat this virus. Sorry to hear about your brother. I feel your pain, your friend Scott. :neutral_face:


He kept me safe. He’s even 100% responsible for the vaccine. Why did your queen allow the virus into Canada?


Condolences to you and your family for your loss Bryan.

Just had a 37 YO local Realtor that I knew, who was perfectly healthy with no underlying health conditions die from it last Saturday, his wife just gave birth to their fifth son 2 days ago.

RIP Paul…

Wife of popular Hamilton real estate agent gives birth days after his death (

This virus is raging worldwide, is far from over, and everyone needs to get vaccinated.

I’m getting my second shot in 8 days.


I am getting my second shot in 4 days. :+1:


Getting my first shot on Sunday.
After contracting COVID-19 last year in March and being disabled for months and now considered a long hauler, please keep safe everyone. This virus kills.

Kevin thats just sad, my brother passed over Christmas, I had to help close his farm down, fortunately his kids are grown and could help myself and my sister with that, the fact is in my eyes we watched as Jina blow up with this virus, if they were more responsible we would never seen this, but they don’t care, SO BLAME WHO EVER YOU WANT IT’S THE CHINA VIRUS ALL DAY LONG

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You can thank our President Trump for that!


Avoiding science, blatantly lying and poor Washington governance yes but our prime minister is culpable as well.

Just remember who is responsible for that science getting injected into your arm. President Trump President Trump President Trump!


I think you are mistaken. Trump wrongly takes full credit for Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine. A $14 billion partnership between government and industry helped. White House had no coherent plain to to distribute vaccinations.

Vaccine distribution has sped up significantly under the Biden administration, with the new president delivering on his promise to dole out 100 million doses during his first 100 days in office in nearly half that time.

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The Biden administration used President Trumps distribution plan. Nothing new has come out of the Biden administration except 50 executive orders forcing America into long-term debt.


From the article and it continues today:

“When conservatives and Americans of goodwill tried to make risk assessments early on, they were excoriated by the corporate press for being selfish and conspiratorial murderers and rubes”

This is a response to the NY times article. Interesting insight on how we treat each other.


The Dummycrats including that new vice president said they would never take the vaccine it was Trumps vaccine. It’s dangerous. Now what are they saying they’re saying everyone needs to get vaccinated. It’s a good thing Trump understands the science the Dummycrats don’t have a clue.