Visited Bricklayer training facility today

Had a commercial inspection today at the Bricklayers and Allied craftworkers union training facility.

Giant ware house with an addition being built and mockups of different situations for the guys to train on.

Loved picking my contacts brain as he was very knowledgeable.

Here is a right and wrong way to build a fire place.
Can any of you tell me which picture is wrong and why?

Man, would I love to send a www.NACHI.TV crew up there.

First one. CMU wrong way.

It was great Nick.
I was there to see the structure, and only cared about the training.
(Union class.)

They were adding a 10,000 foot addition in back.
Big warehouse.

Hint …
Check all the components
Masonry,angle iron,hearth,mantle,etc.

We also discussed CMU and silicon treatments ,Limestone verses concrete etc…

Lime stone holds less water but saturates faster .
Coping is flashed and wicked because they want it to evaporates faster before it freezes in winter.

Could have spent my day there .

I just looked again and the big :frowning: give it away. :wink: