Viva Las Vegas

I am really looking forward to the Inspection conference this coming week so want to know who here is going?

Looks like the biggest since I became an Inspector now that NACHI no longer holds them.(at least not national)

Confirmation - 2011 COA conference registration

The Inspection Event of the Year is coming again to Las Vegas by Casey, OMalley Associates and Inspection News.

REGISTRATION CONFIRMATION :This email is to confirm your registration and or attendance.

Below are some important items so please read this entire email.

The exhibit hall is sold out with over 55 exhibitor booths offering everything you need to run your business. Click here to see who is exhibiting: 2011 EXHIBITORS

PRIZES: The prizes donated so far by the exhibitors this year are incredible and worth over $17,000 - GREAT PRIZES AT COA INSPECTION EVENT OF THE YEAR

RAFFLE: The Infrared Camera we have on raffle is now the latest model and listed here with the prizes INFRARED CAMERA RAFFLE The orginal camera we put on raffle was not available for the show and required a lot more people purchase tickets. Now we only need 50 participants in this raffle and we are nearly there. So you chance to win just increased. If you would like to see the camera it will be on display at United Infrared’s Booth.

CONFERENCE RECORDINGS: We made arrangements with All-Star Media to record almost all of this year’s educational sessions just in case you miss something or you really enjoyed a session you will be able to purchase a recording to listen to again at home or in your car.


VENDOR DEMONSTRATIONS: As an added bonus we have added a Vendor Demonstration stage right in the middle of the exhibit hall and many of the vendors will be doing a live demonstration of their products or services. Stop by the stage to see the schedule sign for software, blower door, infrared and more demonstration times.

CEC INSTRUCTIONS: If you intend on getting continuing education credit for attending the sessions at the conference please go to this page and print it and read it carefully. Some of your states require you sign in and out of classes. This information will help you to get CE credits. We took the time and expense to apply to most states and associations to get our event and sessions approved now you must be responsible for yourself at the show: PLEASE READ: CEC INSTRUCTIONS FOR EVERYONE

CONFERENCE PROGRAM: The schedule is available on our website now for downloading and printing and we will have printed copies at the show.

CLASSES: The program will have all the classes listed along with the rooms. This may change so once you are there check for any updates. After you check in at the registration desk located on the second floor near the Twilight Ballroom you may attend the classes you purchased, just go to the room of the class at the right time.

POKER TOURNAMENT: Monday night at 8 pm we are hosting the Second Annual Home Inspector’s Hold-em Poker Tournament at Caesar’s Palace Poker Room. This is located directly across the street from the Flamingo hotel. Entry fee is $25 and we will be giving prizes to the final 9 players. **The prize pool right now is over $5000 total and rising. ** If you have already registered you will receive a ticket for your entry when you register. If you would like to register at the conference please check with the registration staff or register now at: HOME INSPECTOR HOLD-EM TOURNAMENT

If you have any questions about registering for the 2011 COA Conference please do not hesitate to call us at: 866-363-1330

We look forward to another successful event with your help.

Kevin O’Malley & Michael Casey

Inspection News? That site is still on-line?

I take it you will not be there?

If you know of a better Inspection convention please share.

I don’t know of any. Hope you enjoy it.

Nick and Dom will be there so NACHI guys will be in attendance however i am asking which members here also will be there.

Elton John will be playing the whole week and I may try to score some prime seating if anyone is interested.:slight_smile:

I’m going but you already knew that. Another Nachi memeber from Vegas that doesn’t get on here is going also.

Going to try and get EJ tickets in next day or two.

I’m going this year.

Great be sure to introduce your self .
I think it will be a large group.

To find me just look for the guy correcting all the speakers at the podium’s.:slight_smile:

Looking forward to a great time.

I’ll be there starting Tuesday. I booked a vacation in Vegas long before they announced the dates for the conference, and as it turns out, I can attend some of it. I fly in Monday around noon and stay until Sunday around noon. I plan on being there on Tuesday for Nick’s talk, then I’ll see what happens after that. I hear there may be somewhat of an after-party Tuesday night in the Flamingo bar.

I’ll be arriving at the Rio on Sunday. Suite is booked (and comp’ed) through Wednesday :smiley:

I think that will be every night.:slight_smile:
You will miss Dom’s talk and I have my original instructor giving a class same time as Nick so it puts me in a bind.

I’ll be there. Elton John would be a great show. Saw him at Ephusus, Turkey in 2002.

You guys have fun. It will be a great event. I have been twice.

As I will be staying down the road at another hotel, if anyone would like to exchange cell numbers to be able to get together for drinks after the conference, please send me an e-mail or private message and we can get together for a few drinks or some InterNACHI Blackjack. Maybe we can even take over an entire table. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll be there Bob.

Wife and I decided to fly in on Friday and enjoy the Vegas thing. Looking forward to meeting everyone. Looking forward to the poker tourney as well!

Of course above all, looking forward to the education :wink:

I will be there for Doms talk and the two day Commercial Class.

Great I figured with at least 300 going a few had to be NACHI.
We should all meet up after Dom’s class at the Flamingo from what I am hearing.

Hope to meet as many of you guys as I can to put a face with the posting.

Just gave a few jobs away today and turned down a few yesterday for this thing.
Seems like when you have something to do they all start calling…go figure.:slight_smile:

There’s over 400 inspectors now Bob. Around 450 if you include speakers who are also inspectors. Should be close to 500 by the time the conference hits. I’m burning 500 conference CD’s right now with all the presentation docs on them.

Monday night is the big poker tournament across the street at Ceasars Palace, PLAN TO BE THERE. It was a ton of fun last year.

There’s a good sized reception Sunday night. If we’re still hungry we can all get together after :slight_smile: