Voice Recoders

Anyone using voice recorder to take notes during inspections? Interested in feedback on what’s a good recorder.

Your cell phone.

Voice Recorders are sooo '70’s-'80’s !!! :roll:

Instead, use photo as notes. Take a pic of every defect. If you can’t INSTANTLY remember all you need to know from that photo, either your photo sux, or you’re in the wrong biz! :shock:

If you want to play Doctor, go to med school! :twisted:

Now… sorry you asked for feedback? :smiley:

Let’s see… One pic = 1,000 words… \:D/

I agree with Jeff. Except I would not have been such a tool about it :wink:

Jeff a tool?
Throw a wrench in it Juan.
What you drilling for ?
Next you will be hitting him with crowbars
You did hit the nail on the head however.

Think I will voice record this thread for the archives…:slight_smile:

I have 3 voice recorders sitting in a drawer by the way.
Was going to use them with Dragon…lol

I use my digital camera for “notes” but it has a voice recorder on it as well…have never used it. Just adds time at the inspection and later when doing the report. Mileage may differ.

Juan/Bob… I’m the first to admit that I’m a real ‘dick’ when it comes to the things I am passionate about, which incudes inspecting. When it comes to Customer Service/Clent Care… NO ONE does better!!!

As for the being a “tool”, well, all I can say is I was ‘born and bred’ in Chicago! It really is a Midwest thing, isn’t that right, BOB???:wink:

Great for saving what the client and Agent has said during the inspection if your state allows you to record conversations ?

Cameras, cell phones all do that nowadays. Besides, why the paranoia? What did you do wrong that you need to record their discussions?

Yeah…can’t do that here. I highly doubt any agent will give permission to record them.


What the f#@!#%& you talking about dic$@& weed.

Well that escalated quickly…haha

Sad to see how a simple question that can help many gets side tracked frequently by many of the same people .
This tends to destroy a lot of posts .

I think Bob posted that reply as a joke referring to Jonas’ post about the Midwest and its abundance of tools.


Point in case! :shock::wink:

Exactly, and taken as such! No harm, no foul!

Besides… ain’t nuthin a “beef and brew” won’t solve next time I’m in town!!! :wink:

Grab a polish from JR’s and you’re all set!!


Are they on Mawell St.? Haven’t been down there in like 35 years!

Perhap’s you’ll get invited. :wink:

Btw Bob… you getting soft… trying to eliminate your “accent” to please the realtors…

It’s "What da f#@!#%& you talking about dic$@& weed"!!! :twisted: