Voice Recognition

I thought I would share an incredible tool for reducing reporting times. I have been using Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional and it has cut my reporting times by 50%.

I control my laptop, programs, report creation and emails all by voice. Finally, freedom from the keyboard. Can’t wait for the mobile version.

Check out the demo, video

main site, http://www.nuance.com/

I hope that someone finds this helpful.

Been using it for about a year . got Ver 11 a month ago works great.

I use that for the last 5 years but for the4 last couple years I find Active words much more bang for the buck as they do not charge you for each computer and it is always on .
Plus since it is a short cuts typing system it actually makes less mistakes.
There have been a few times where I forgot to go back and proof read with Dragon and it messed me up.
Still it is nice if your typing is slow or for flow of thought.
Main issue is needing to turn down the jams or the TV .