Void in garage block

Why is there an open area at the garage block?

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ummm is “I don’t know” an acceptable answer, or having elected to respond, must I launch into a long scholarly treatise befiitting my professional standing?

That’s where you sweep your floor sweepings from the garage…!! :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue: :mrgreen:

I used to be somewhat embarrassed at having to reply “I really don’t know”; but years in the business of home construction and nearly every day you run across something that is inexplicable have changed me.

Now that I’m a grandpa, I’m okay with simply saying " I really don’t know"… of course like you, I then try to find out… mostly for my own edification. :mrgreen:

How about…“Ooopps” ??? :roll:


Kinda’ reminds me of a scene in a Mel Brooks movie…where the East Line and West Line of a railroad are to meet…but they are off by 10 feet at the connection point. :shock:


Knock out to allow for future placement of ductwork to heat the garage?


I watch a documentary about this, and the funny thing was it was intentional. There was no contractual meeting point, and each separate company got paid per mile of track. So they kept building past each-other.

OK back on topic.

As for the void, did it allow for garage gases to get into the wall space?


My guess is that it it some type of chase for electrical distribution or duct work. Is there a crawl space below?

I wonder what is on the other side?? Exterior wall?? A porch??

Either offset for some reason or the mason ran out of block and grabbed a couple he had in his truck which were a different size.

That’s where the in-floor radiant heat tubes were going to be routed before they ran out of money.