void permit

So I am doing a wind and look up the roof permit, it has an application but no completion, shows void on the status. The roof was obviously replaced but there is no other permit information available.
Now the form asks for Permit application date, not completion date.
any thoughts on that.

The rest of the story is…seller is going to be less than happy, she had a report done on 09 on the old form, now she is changing companies and they want the new form obviously.

losing the hip credit (should not have had it anyway)
losing strap credit (two nails one side one on opposite, plus 2+inches away from the truss)
losing opening protection (one unprotected glazed, plus a doggie door cut into the steel exit door, Plus it has non rated clear plastic panels)
it has a tile roof (no permit, no letter)
age of roof (no permit, not verifiable)
losing 100 percent cbs (framed gables)

I did the Home Inspect on it, they think I did the previous wind, but it was not me, (probably a GC that did it previously)

any thoughts on the permit/roof age issue?

Send in a copy of what you have and let the agent and underwriter make the decision.

non fbc

If the premit was never completed, and is void, how would the application date be valid?

Welcome to the wonderful world of wind mits.

very true. But the roof was Done, just no permit record for completion…
I am not going to give any credit for it, but I thought it would be something to discuss

Advise your client to close it out, then they would qualify for the credit

Problem for sure I’ve had similar issues and wouldn’t be surprised to see a new form with both dates required but for now the form is the form and if the home appears to have been reroofed in accordance with the application date, I allow someone else to speculate and simply provide the facts required.