Voltage drop

(Will Hansen) #1

Anyone care to guess why the voltage drop was so high when measured at this receptacle?
(Seems I can’t post a pic. My Suretest measured 74 per cent VD)

(Larry Kage, CMI) #2

Your Suretest is broken?
The wire is too long?
There is too much draw?
The wire is too small?
Okay, they’re just guesses.

Others will have more guesses. :slight_smile:

(Chad Norlen, CPI) #3

Loose connection?

(Jeffrey Moore, AZ#49250) #4

Look and read here http://www.psihq.com/iread/faqvolt.htm

(Will Hansen) #5

The problem turned out to be a faulty breaker. It had developed a high resistance and when the light was turned on it dimmed for a few seconds before coming on to full brilliance. The side breaker showed signs of heat build up right where the contacts would be inside it. Was a fire waiting to happen.

(John A. Reim, CMI, 450.0001299) #6

Most common cause when I see this is too small of a conductor wire. Big houses with long runs to the receptacles, etc.