Volunteers needed to sit on Cont. Educ. Committee (online)

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We need a few volunteers to sit on NACHI’s Continuing Education Committee. You can perform all your duties online which include:

Tweaking NACHI's Continuing Education Policy.
Approving continuing education Courses.
Seeking out and posting a list of available continuing education courses and options.
Negotiating NACHI member discounts on courses and videos.
Answering emails about the policy.

Your contact information will be listed similar to the Ethics Committee members at the bottom of http://www.nachi.org/code_of_ethics.htm and you should submit something about yourself like the info about our Ethics Committee members.

The current Continuing Education policy at http://www.nachi.org/continuing_ed.htm is a framework to start from, but we really need to have a list of approved options and suggestions for members fullfilling their continuing ed requirements or inspectors that just want to improve their knowledge. We get lots of emails asking about this stuff and we should start contacting education providers and post their info on an approved course list. Each provider should be offering a NACHI member discount.

There has been some discussion about making a sort of consumer-review section to the list so that those of us who have taken a course or watched a video can help others decide. We can do that on this message board. Maybe even a 1 to 5 star rating system or something... I don't know...its up to you.

Any volunteers?

Pays nothing but out-of-pocket expenses are reimbursed by NACHI.

email Nick at gromicko@msn.com if willing.


ps I will not be sitting on this committee.

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I saw Nancy Bredhoff of Radon Testing Corporation of America the other day. Nancy is the current chairperson for the National Radon Safety Board.

I explained to her that I am a NACHI member, and asked her if she would be willing to speak to you about offering any discounts on training, certs, or testing equipment to NACHI members. She said she'd be happy to talk to us.

They are great folks over there...


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Great Joe. I think we should try to use our weight in buying power to get NACHI members discounts on everything.

We still need some volunteers to sit (in cyberspace) on the Edu. Committee.


ps Joe, Bob Patterson may be retiring and may want to jump from your Ethics Committee to Educ. if that's O.K. with you. You'll need a few more folks on Ethics Committee. How about Russel Kirk?

pss. You are in NY. Will I see you at NYNACHI Chapter meeting tomorrow? We might actually get to meet one of these days.