Vonage Phone Service

I am looking for a economical way to obtain an out-of-state phone number for office use.

Does anyone have any experience with Vonage? I am trying to research their performance record.


Magicjack is the only way to go. You can select a number from any area code that is available. You can also forward that number to your office line. Only $20 a year.

“Search” for Vonage on the message board. It and several alternatives have been discussed at length several times in the past. I’ve had Vonage for > 3 years and love it. I have a primary home/office number in the area code where I live, a virtual number in another area code where I do business and an 800 number. I pay around $32/month for all 3. I really like the ability to simultaneously ring my cell phone when any of those numbers are called, not forward to it, but rather my cell phone rings on the 1st ring to any of those Vonage numbers. It’s hard to miss a call. Voice quality is comparable to a land line. MagicJack is a very popular alternative.

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I googled “Vonage sucks” and was somewhat surprised by the results.

How is the voice clarity of the magic jack. Someone I know tried one about a year ago and it was not good. However, he was also having DSL headaches as well at the time.

As will “Magicjack sucks”…you will get dissatisfied customers with anything. I’ve had no issues with Vonage but Magicjack is certainly cheaper.

I googled that too Michael and the top result is “Magic Jack Does Not Suck”.

The issues most had with Vonage it seems was poor Customer service, unauthorized billing and service termination issues.

I would rather not keep my PC on 24/7 as my machine is a power hog, which is why I am looking at Vonage.



I have used Vonage almost 2 years and not had any problems.

Vonage is trading at about 41 cents/share down over $16.00 from its high. It is facing delisting from the NYSE if it can not turn things around. I wonder about the company’s future.

Your exactly right Bill, when Vonage settled their patent infringement lawsuit with Verizon 18 months or so ago for $80M or more then that had to have hurt the old bottom line. That coupled with the general economy is definitely taking its toll on them. While I’ve not had technical issues with Vonage the specter that they may cease to operate has been around for quite awhile now and the future for them looks bleaker than ever now it seems. Looking at their financials and taking a conservative approach I doubt that I would sign up with them today.

That is why you forward your magicjack number to your current business number. I don’t even have mine plugged in anymore. They all forward to my main business number.

Your computer must be a hell of a power hog if you can save money with vonage, 24.95 a month plus all of the taxes vs 1.75 a month.

Hi Greg,

The forwarding feature that you folks use seems like it just may be the ticket. Can you choose any area code and exchange with it?

As far as my PC, yes it is the power hog, running multiple hard drives, some in a RAID. I also use it as a Home Theater PC, as I can output video and sound through an HDMI cable. (Disadvantage is the PC is not in my office)

The electric rates in my area are some of the highest in the country, so keeping it on constantly when it is not in use consumes alot of power. Over a month and especially a year, it adds up to a larger electric bill.

What appealed to me about Vonage was the cost for a phone line with all the features and the unlimited long distance in addition to being able to obtain an out of state area code and exchange, all without having to keep a PC turned on. Voip would be much less expensive than a standard landline.

However, after I posted this thread, I’ve learned that Vonage is teetering on the edge of existance. I have an adapter already, that my brother bought a couple of years ago, and was about ready to activate it when I thought I’d ask about them in the forum here. So now I am really not sure how to go. I wanted to obtain the phone number so I could get new print material ordered.



What is noit being mentioned here is that for Magic jack to ring your home phone the computer must be on.

Your normal broad band provider gives you a signal and Vonage only needs the cable, with no computer necessary.

Most people are happy with the service if they have a good broadband provider,however since your provider is not renting you the service directly,they may not be in such a hurry to make repairs ,and will just blame your Box.

I think what you are saying is correct Bob. But I think Greg says you can have the call forwarded through Magic Jack’s computer network without your unit needing power, but to actually receive the calls out of the device the unit needs to be plugged into the PC and the computer/broadband on.

If you are having them forwarded ,it seems to be counter productive unless you just want a second number but do not need it to ring a traditional phone.

Also your new number would never show on caller ID if you were returning them with fore say a cell

No the computer doesn’t need to be on for it to forward the call. It just rings the number that I have it forwarded to. The person calling doesn’t know what number it is ringing.

You can forward it to what ever area code you want.

Then if you just want a second number to keep it seperate from personal Magic jack might be a good option.

Never looked into Skype, but I would think that may be yet another option.

I border two states Robert. An out-of-state phone number here is advantageous…it provides a “local number” without using a toll free number. I serve a rural real estate market in large part and there are completely different cultures between states and in PA, between counties sometimes.

Having the out-of-state number forwarded to another line via magic-jack would provide the appearance of a local presence but you make a great point about the caller ID feature. An inexpensive trade off perhaps.

On the other hand, the Vonage option provided unlimited long distance but I worry about the longevity of the company.

Does not matter if company goes away as you are allowed to keep your number anyway.

All numbers are portable.

I have had vonage or years…I had a problem when we first moved to missouri but a phone call to vonage the were able to tweak my connection and again I have no more problems