Vote for the Best Defect Picture for November

Vote for your Best Defect Picture for November.

Notice the main water valve position…The water was still on, no way to shut the main off.


I told you l could fix that balcony; now let’s make sure that your life insurance policy is up to date…


Power Vent Water Heater…Vent Pipe Almost Makes It Outside?




Why run the pipes over the beam when it will eliminate some elbows and just run the pipe through the beam!


How do you inspect this?


This furnace was active and supplying heat to the house; I did not remove any of the access covers. I didn’t know how to react when I saw this madness.

Some really great pics this month. Well for us not the property owners.LOL:shock:


Only 14 voted, I know we can do better than that.

Come on, Vote. :slight_smile:

Come on people a few more votes would be great!!


Too late?



Marvin, this thread is a Poll, but I will try to remember to move your defect picture in the December Nomination for you. :):wink:

Did I mention that that balcony in pic 2 overlooks a rocky steep cliff about 100 ft. down…

Thanks Marcel

Vote when you get a chance, looks like #2 is getting the favorite vote. :slight_smile:

How do we have 200+ views ans 27 votes? 200 people want to look, but clicking the button, that’s just too much effort? Aren’t you curious just to see who’s winning the poll? Boggles the mind.

I agree Mike and that is why the end of the year will be the end.


Sad to say it has been happening very slow and steady .

It has been great fun with wonderful happy people .
I agree … Roy ,

I will be sad to see this go. It is a good learning tool. I guess that we will just have more bandwidth after the first of the year for the poo flingers to monopolize.

I’ll still post “look what I found today” pics…but the contest was fun while it lasted.

Well, 39 votes is a rare occurrence.

Do I see 40? :wink:

Congratulations to Marcel Gratton for the Winner of Best Defect for November.


You will be added in the finals in December for Best Defect of the Year Award.