Vote for the best website of November 2009

Choose one… :smiley:

Russel… your site’s not showing correctly. Loads okay until your photo starts loading, then everything shrinks down.

Mine loaded fine on FF.

I’m on IE7. All other sites are fine.

I wonder what percentage of average consumers use FF over IE ? My guess is majority use IE (preinstalled on computer).

Just sayin’ and trying to help.

Russell you have problems with IE. FF is working fine.

I Voted !

I thought this was resolved as I had tested in IE 7 & 8, I’ll check out the theme right now.

Fixed, there was a css conflict. Billy, Jeffrey, can you right click on the home page, click shift-refresh (so your browser gets the new page) and tell me if it looks okay now?

Much better… but… his photo and contact info overlap his logo.

I don’t see that and I’m testing this now an old machine running an old version of IE7 (the newer version of 7 was working fine with the slideshow). Try the right click shift-refresh again and let me know if that fixes it.

Nope… still the same. Everything else looks good. No problem with slideshow either.

Looks ok on IE to me.

Strange. Can you click on Help->About in IE and tell me the exact version number you’re using.

same here…

Verified my IE7 is current… Version 20061027.150806 All updates and hotfixes current.


Hmm, that number isn’t right. It should be something like 7.0.5730.13

Okay, just saw you replace that. You’re actually not running the most current, but I can’t see that small of a version making a difference as it’s fine for me on .13. Damn, hard to fix if I can’t replicate, let me see if I can roll back to .11.

Other number came from my programs/updates list.

Ok now my FF is all screwed up on that site.