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Well, here we are almost December and we have had 100’s of the Best Defect Photos submitted, judge, and appreciated by all.

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This was the front deck/porch. I went around to the back to enter…the home owner said it was safe though.
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I told client looking to buy this property when we were looking at the stair and balcony structure that if this were a 60’s tv show and I were a robot I would have all my lights flashing and be saying Danger Will Robinson Danger! The upstairs tenant was using them! Talk about liability issues.
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Couple of issues with this setup. Downward slope of HWV into shared “Y” with furnace. Both gas shutoff handles removed.
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A multi-purpose coverplate…
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Electric Shower Head. I love this picture.
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Service entry cable in contact with the roof.
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Termite remediation…Remove rafter and collar ties. Add a couple of 2x4’s Wait for big wind and collect insurance. Oh you paid cash in that case I recommend further evaluation by a G.C. who specializes in residential framing.
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Another pic of fleecing of our elders. This is the conduit from the condensing coil disconnect within the crawlspace. The condensing coil is just to the right of the photo and the main panel just to the left (on the outside of course) with the conduit being spliced outside of a junction box. Why not just run a new line???..Oh I know…Cuz grandma is not ever going into the crawlspace to see it. The buyers (Grandkids) are buying the home and were shocked at some of the not so great upgrades that had been done by licensed contractors.
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“Let me just remove a few of these blocks to add some ventilation. No big deal”


If you don’t have the room just start adding in wires. 6 double taps and one triple tap. Most I have seen so far.
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EIFS removed from the house and brick veneer installed. How long do think this window will last?
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Look closely at the foundation wall.
Just coat the brick no one will know.
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Here is my best one. Note roof built around tree and hole in wall patched with old laundry.
This attic was covered.

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Hey did you ever ask why there was wires running to the shower head?

Just curious. Torture chamber ?

I used one of those showers when i was on a mission trip with my church to brazil . The scary part was that it was 220v . that was how you got a hot shower.

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