Vote for your Best Defect Picture for October

Welcome to October’s Best Defect Picture Poll.

Here are this Month’s submissions;


Attic insulation and ventilation Stop those drafts!!

A little insulation in these ridge vents should do the trick!


This one is not actually a picture but a good defect just the same. Click the image for the video.


One big party on this deck and down it goes. Client does not know why there are concerns.
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Handyman special on the bathroom exhaust. Just cut into the nearest wire, and wire the flex vent to a collar tie. No problem!
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Garden hose being used for a gas line


Water flue vent connected to transite duct then passing through HVAC return air.
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This box is loose, but theres an extension cord hooked up to the imporperly mounted light fixture, it gets better as the extension cord (permenant use) is looped over the plumbing vent stack, and draped over the roof into the back yard…
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I wish there was a contest for whole house defects! This home would be a contender. The wiring in this house was a major safety hazard. This is only one of many locations. Basically the switch going up from the receptacle turns off the receptacle itself. The hallway light is plugged into that receptacle, goes through the wall and the connections put together with electrical tape. The switch at the bedroom light turns off the light. The wiring is all knob and tube but the knobs and tubes are missing in this area of the home. The buyer was told that the box and wiring was new. The panel and about 5 feet of each wire was new, then spliced together with marrettes into the K & T with no junction boxes.
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Gotta love D.I.Y.ers. Here’s the solution for when you forget to vent the waste line on an added bathroom in the garage. Not to mention it’s venting into the attic.
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And it did actually work.


Can’t see this from the ground!!!
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My inspection yesterday. Goes into the main drain. Need I say more.
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Too bad I didn’t have my respirator on when I opened this toilet tank!
Obviously who ever did the winterization of this home did not bother to drain the tank. Yummy!
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The first is an interesting flue from a furnace. It is vented out the side of the home thru the dryer vent!


This guy had radiant heat flooring before it was cool! built in 1950
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Vote when you get a chance. :slight_smile:

I find it hard to believe that there are only 14 members on this message board to vote on a simple defect picture.

19 Votes and the garden hose gas line is pulling out front.

Well, 19 is better than 14. :slight_smile:

My vote makes 24, do I hear 25??

Thanks Dave, every vote helps as they say. :):wink:

oh well, this is one of my favorite threads, i guess on to november now?

Looks like we have a tie.

My computer has been down this week. Limited what I could do on the old one.
Switching back to the repaired one later tonight.

I will be following up with Nomination request for November shortly.

Thank you. :slight_smile:

27 total votes! How pathetic!!!

If you subtract 15 for the owners of the pics, that leaves 12 votes from all other Nachi members!!!

It’s time to put this “contest” out of it’s misery.


I hoped you voted … I did.

Gee love your positive thinking seems like you said the same about CMIs .

I wonder why you have missed the complaining about the education group .What have they done lately.

Education Committee:

Paul Sabados

If it has offered enjoyment to at least one Member of this Organization, to me, it has served its purpose.

Just to bad not more take advantage of it.

The few that participate get the worm.

Congratulations to Wayne Cole and Bobby Hamilton for best defect picture for October.

Please go here,
to submit your best Defect Pictures for November. :slight_smile:

Thanks to Wayne and Bobby and the other 13 we all got a chance to see things that many homies seldom find Great education for all who look .
Much appreciated … Roy

I enjoy it!

What you need perhaps are sponsors.

Nathan T offering a free RecallChek for the best defect picture of the month comes to mind…:wink:

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Thanks Marcel We will talk this over in the Committee…
Any other ideas please all do post them we love your feed back

Although i wish more would vote, this thread gets hundreds of views each month. Views are still good. Just like many other threads, I see good stuff out there and read, just dont have anythihng to add sometimes. This is a little different, if you’re looking why not click on the best one, not sure.

Great pictures! I like number 3 the best, followed by number 5.

#5 gets my vote, But there are some close runners up