Vote For Your Best Picture Defect for Attics, Ventilation and Insulation

Photo #1
mud dauber nests

Photo #2
Yes ma’am , we put 20 bags of insulation in your attic!

Photo #3
I thought that was Bat insulation

Hmmmm! A little hot in the Attic

Photo #5
Time to clean the Attic?

Photo #6
I thought this was bad over a bedroom

Photo #7
It seemed normal, then came the IR camera, then oops and here it is.

Photo #8
Why is it so hot in my bedroom?

Photo # 9
Well, there is full ridge venting on the exterior

Photo #10
a little warm upstairs…

Most look what i see every day around here lol

those are some pretty nasty looking attics, but i couldn’t help voting for the one with the insulation still in the bags…guess it would make it convenient if You ever wanted to get it out of there…



Make sure to vote for your best picture defect for this catagory.:slight_smile:

This has to be the best poll yet Marcel, I like the way you added captions. :smiley:

The insulation bags!! Other than that, it looks like just another normal week of inspections!:shock:

Thanks Brian and the captions are from the owners of the pictures.

Blaine, I can’t imagine all attics look like that, got to be a few that were done right. :):smiley:

Let’s Vote!:slight_smile:


And I wonder which one you voted for?:wink:

you know …i couldn’t help but vote for the full bags of insulation…looked like it might have been done by some of the guys that used to work for me…Yea boss we got it all up there…:roll:

Yeah, that’s a good one. You know the ropes Jim, we always have to go and check ourselves. :slight_smile:


The winner of this Poll was Barry Adair.

Collect your prize Barry.
Contact Nick to get your case of books.]( :slight_smile:

recount the votes :smiley:
thanks to all that participated and the timely delivery

Enjoy my friend. Nice set of books by INACHI:)

I want a re-count…

Not very hard to count Jim, there was only 20 votes.