V's heave and pyramids fall

Going through structures classroom training…i don’t get this.

The definition in the material is: two cracks that form a V shape indicate heaving, especially if accompanied by crushed mortar joints. Two cracks that form an upside-down V or pyramidshapeindicate settlement or drooping in the middle.

Having a picture of what this means would be extremely helpful. Can anyone elaborate on what this looks like? The material doesn’t say what material these cracks would present in and from what perspective are they being observed. I’ve looked on the internet and have found tons of pictures of cracks…but i still don’t understand what i’m supposed to be looking for.

Thanks in advance!

Hi, I couldn’t find a graphic either so I made one.

When it’s a V shape it’s lifting from below like with frost, but when it’s a piramid, the ground is going lower; settling.

Hope it helps.


Don’t get hung up on 2 cracks forming a V or an inverted V, it can be one crack as well several cracks it will all depend on what’s going on.
Check out the porch, it settled in front mainly just this side due to the downspout. The crack was wider at the top as it pulled away from the home. I will include 2 more on the next post.

Here’s the other 2

Here are some more

More images: http://www.nachi.org/gallery/foundation/settlement_and_cracks

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Thanks everybody!