VW Jetta for sale

VW Jetta for sale,
manual Transmission, Gas.
180 thous. km runs great, well maintained,
Black exterior, Black leather interior,
two sets of tires with rims,
winter tires brand new,
summer tires low profile, custom rims.
touch screen fold away pioneer stereo.
Contact me at 306-684-1748
or email, questions@derhouseinspections.com

Where did you put the ladder?

in the hummer, this vehicle purely for advertising, hubby drove it, commuting vehicle,
we upgraded hubby to a bmw x5. No Advertising on it.

A hummer for a work truck, and a Jetta for a billboard? Maybe I ain’t charging enough for inspections!!!

Lol, u dont drive a hummer, their awesome, everyone looks at a hummer,
Great advertising.:cool:

Advertising via Hummer, Not bad, adverting paid for itself very quickly.:smiley:

Very nice!