W.E.T.T. certification

What is the best path toward basic WETT certification? No installer course…no chimney sweep…just want to be able to certify wood burning fireplaces… Thank you

Not sure where you are from but if you contact WETT INC they can help
This link should get you started.

Robin you must be an installer before becoming WETT certified or have worked in the field of sales. You need 80 weeks of field experience.
Code compliance course, Wood Burning systems and now Site Basic.

I have never installed and I got mine. For site basic you need to have 80 weeks of home inspection and at least 30 wood burning appliance inspections. I has a guy here in town doing my WETT certifications and I shadowed him and eventually did them with him as my shadow to get my 30.

I installed wood stoves, oil furnaces and tanks when it was first introduced but now things have changed.
So like I said you don’t need to install you can get in by working sales in the field of heating you still need to pass three exams and fork out over $1000.00 and then get insurance for this type of inspection work.