W/H t'stat help, please

Can anyone identify what the small, grey ‘button like’ device is on this propane w/h thermostat?

Best guess is a dust cap over the pilot gas adjustment screw or regulator vent port.

Yes, I am pretty sure it’s a regulator vent port cover also but wanted to hear it from others to confirm it. Thanks.

Michael, It’s hard to get details on those Robert Shaw Controls.

They are sold to OEMs and generally not worth the cost of replacing them. They are also very reliable.

You can make a literature request but I have no online source that is readily available.

10-4…it’s not a really big deal. I was actually asking this for another, local inspector as he had run across this and was detecting a ‘leak’ at that little grey button. We both agreed that it was likely a regulator vent and that the presence of a little propane at that button was not a concern.