What Greg said should be followed by all!

If you do them wrong, the builders associations will lobby to have HIs removed from the list of approved persons. The insurance companies will back it.

Do not forget builders have a board at DBPR and a direct line to the OIR.

Or if you do not want the hassle or liability call me .

I’ll do them for you. Win Win.

Absolutely no comment

I am removing my past comments to make the world a happier place.

He has a GC license he is a god. :stuck_out_tongue:

Whoops another accident

A license is nothing more than an application and a test. For the GC it requires;
4 years experience, with at least one year working on buildings at least 4 stories high. Up to three years of college credits may be substituted for experience, but all applicants must demonstrate at least one year of supervisory experience.

Character, humility, wisdom and peace requires the intellect to search.
See Proverbs, 14 (6,7, 8)

Don’t let these accomplishments inflate your ego. These hard times require that we all stick together. We are cutting our standard of living by preforming these inspections at low rates.

We must perform these inspections at low rates if we wish to do them because literally any Tom, Dick or Harry can now do them.

If mike is willing to do wind mitigation inspections for all of us, then obviously his customer base for his construction business must not be there. And then he is willing to do them for a reduced price. Mike, how about when doing construction, do you low ball all of your competition to get the job?


No I primarily do new construction as a subcontractor for the bigger home builders and have not gotten any major projects in a few years so obviously my prices are not the lowest. With inspections I cut out all other players and do everything myself so I have less overhead therefore I can charge less for certain things like Wind Mits and Roof Condition reports. I am never the lowest price around on 4 points or full home inspections. I like doing wind mits and do them quickly, accurately and efficiently and will take all I can get. If you have any other questions just let me know.

Thanks Greg. Just got my lic # HI304. I used to be a GC up on Long Island NY for over 16 years. Florida wouldn’t accept my GC license from NY. So I fell into the home inspection business. There was no way I was working for somebody for a year in the field then be able to take the GC exam. Too hot. Besides I’m a type 1 diabetic and wear an insulin pump. The heat kills me. It will be good to perform wind mits now!

congratulations Steven

FYI it gets to 150 degrees in attics in the summer!

Yeah but you can cover yourself with insulation that sticks to your sweat, that helps against the heat.