"W" trap?

I’ve seen P traps and S traps, but this W trap is a new one. The corrugated plastic pipe is a nice touch too. :smiley:

w trap.JPG

I see they have first-aid supplies handy in case a vein bursts!!! :mrgreen:

Double trapping is not allowed.

I know Bob - I posted the picture for amusement. :smiley:

Bill, you forget Bob has no sense of humor (which means he won’t see the humor of my post) :mrgreen::mrgreen:

Commonly known as an “N” trap. Not allowed at all, not in the American Legal System, Ask Joe Ferry: N Trapment is not allowed.


But funny!

Looks like triple trapping to me.

Sorry but I do not know you well enough to know if you are goofy.

What? Did you say something?

Don’t say I didn’t warn you Bill. :wink:

Nope! :twisted:

If you purchase enough of the wrong parts, you don’t need any of the right parts…


That’s my motto… :stuck_out_tongue:

Check this trap(s) out. This was a fun find.

Plumbing trap.jpg

How in hell did that thing even function is my question. ;):slight_smile:

It always amazes me when I see this kind of crap work, and realize that someone actually put some thought in on how to do it. :shock:

How about this one…

As pictured, improperly installed.