WA home inspectors

So can we assume all inspections are on hold? Or is anyone doing them?

There are some inspectors doing them. Pay attention to what your governor orders and the decide if you want to inspect regardless.

Your health and the health of your loved ones may depend on your decision.

I agree Larry.

I am doing 2 today, and then not sure what the future holds. Both inspections the agent stayed in vehicle, and then had the house solo. Did a quick walkthrough with client on major findings while keeping 10 feet away, hoping this may help. A bit awkward, but told them if any other questions, review the report, and reach out with questions.
Your plan?

Mine was pretty much the same, thanks for chiming in. I figured lenders are still lending so homes are still being sold, however one of my local agents said he was non essential. I guess Ill see what happends.

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Vincent, sent ya a message.

Maybe don’t drive your biz vehicle with it all plastered with your logo, phone, website, etc.