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Some info for those interested with the WA legislation as it develops… The others (You know who you are) can keep their crap slinging, name calling, bitch fest, unprofessional comments to themselves OR on the other thread. PLEASE!

I just heard Senator Kohl-Welles state on the live feed from the Labor, Commerce, Research and Development Committee hearing that SB 5788 needs “technical changes” and will be discussed in executive session tomorrow afternoon (Tuesday, February 27).

Thanks for the update Peter. Was there anything else pertinent, or any details of what technical changes need to be made?

Peter, thanks for coming to a new thread. It’s amazing to me how off message threads can get.

They didn’t mention anything but that it was being post-poned to tomorrow (Tue.) I also heard that the WA HI (self appointed) Advisory Group has been showering the legislators with email, fax, and letter campaigns to get them to see their proposals adopted into the bill,… I have no idea if this was the reason for not voting on it today. We’ll see. :roll:

Your welcome David, lets see if we can keep on track and keep this open for information.

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Re: A thread for serious discussion of Washington Senate bill 5778

The bill was supposed to be voted on today. It has been pushed to tomorrow (Tuesday).

Comment was made concerning the bill in Audio File (above) at about 47 minutes into the deliberations.


Justin gave us this update earlier.

Do you want to meet earlier tomorrow and go?


Hi Nick,

Is there something new in the documents you posted? Or is it the same substitute bill posted earlier in the thread?