Wadsworth panel

Any input on why Wadsworth breakers/panels should be noted? Are the older breakers known for failing to trip under normal overload conditions?


IMG_5646 (Small).jpg

I’ve always known Wadsworth to be a good quality breaker…also expensive… because they’re good.

One note. As of this year Wadsworth style breakers are no longer being made, by anyone.
Unless the molds and technology get bought up by someone they will eventually become obsolete.

It is somewhat hard to see, but it looks as though the Wadsworth panel is supplied from conductors ahead (Line side) of the meter.

For parts…supplies


It’s hard to tell from the photo’s but something doesn’t appear right. Is this a service?

Wouldn’t sweat it too much Robert, this thread is over 2 years old.

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One of the reasons that, IMO, threads should be closed after 6 months.

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I know not part of the original topic, and the thread is ancient, but wondering why nobody mentioned the signs of moisture entry/staining by the meter base

And what is with the aluminum foil beside the meter base?