Wadsworth Service Size

I inspected a Wadsworth service panel today. I am trying to determine the correct service size. The service to the house was 200 amp the panel was rated for 125, but I am not sure what the main disconnect is. Can anyone help. The pictures arent the best, but the two breakers at the top left are 15 amp and the two on the right are 20 amp. I was a little confused how this worked.

Based on what?

Good questions Jeff.

What are the two breakers below the 15 amp breakers. Is it possible that this is a split bus system?? I don’t see too many Wadsworth panels down here. The ones I have seen are older and should probably be replaced anyway.

Hi Matt,

got any pictures of the interior of that panel?



I am basing it on the meter on the outside of the home with was listed as 200 amps. It was and underground service, no ground. I dont have any picture of the inside, I could go get some tomorrow though…the house is only a block from where I live.

there was one 60 amp double pole breaker, and one 30 amp double pole breaker, the rest were 20 or 15 amp breakers. I am pretty sure the larger breakers went to dedicated circuits for an ac window unit and they dryer.

Neither a dryer or a window mounted AC would be installed on a 60 amp breaker. It is quite common for split bus panels to have the lighting section fed by a 60 amp breaker. The fact that there appears to be no main, and there is a 60 amp 2-pole breaker leads me to believe this is a split bus panel.

By the way, I always snap a photo of the panel sticker. There is a lot of good information in it.

The service size is the smallest of the meter rating, service conductor capacity, panel rating, and main breaker rating. If the panel is rated at 125 amps, then you do not have a 200 amp service. You have, at most, a 125 amp service, and it may be less than that based on the installed components.

The meter “rating” has absolutely no bearing on the capacity of the service - I often see “15 amp meters” on 200 amp services. The meter rating is simply its calibration rating.

The meter “base” is a more reliable indicator, but still ineffective in determining service capacity.

Most Wadsworth panels I’ve seen have had a fuse block, this one appears to be a split-bus.

also the panel is a hazard, the single pole breakers are not normally allowed in the upper area if they are for outlets and lighting circuits they should be in the lower portion of the panel. someone may think they have turned off the power to a light or outlet by turning off the 2 pole that controls the lower 1/2 of the panel. the upper 1/2 is normally reserved for equipment WH, dryer, a/c and range. they just ran out of space and took the cheap way around it.