Wadsworth panels,this is not a common panel to us, does anyone out there know anything about them?

Other than old, no real problems. . .

Thanks Jeff

Get used to them, Gary–there’s a lot of them around here.

Jae, do you find that these panels are not bonded? This one was not.

Not bonded. They are an older installation–installed before “bonding” became fashionable.:slight_smile:

Hey Guys…I also just had to throw some advice in…

If you ever run accross an old system that lets say at least has a water pipe ground…always recommend they add a Supplimental Grounding Electrode in the form of a Ground Rod…

Sure you all do this already…Just wanted to add it…:slight_smile:

Already do, but thanks for the reminder.

Of course thats why I said you all probably already DO…because NACHI has the BEST inspectors…:slight_smile:

Jae, do you note the bonding issue, since its an older install?

Yes. Any electrical issue is a safety hazard.

Thanks Jae

I came across this light fixture hanging in a roofed over patio. It is an interior fixture installed outside (but protected by the roof). It doesn’t seem rated for wet locations. Is it OK? What determines a wet location? Thanks in advance.