WAHI rejected our cartoonist's inspector cartoon this month. So he drew this:

Top of: http://www.nachi.org/cartoons.htm


Used house salesmen can be quite sensitive … and apparently there is at least one chapter president who is in direct contact with their most sensitive parts. Good cartoon.

Just a small correction, Nick. It was rejected by the past president last year. But I figured if I was still PO’d, I may as well send this. I no longer submit to them anyway : )

Some associations just don’t appreciate talent. :roll:

Whats a WAHU

Which one did they reject?
Gosh there are many Homey Spector cartoons at this point.
Need to make a few posters for laughs.



It was last September 2010, Homey interprets Realtorspeak.

Historically, cartoons have often been used to make a point. Isn’t that one of the great things about America?

Besides, no body sees themselves in a cartoon, they always think it’s the "Other Realtors"or whomever.* He may recognize himself in the second panel of this one though.*:wink:

Here it is