WAHL HSI3000 Anyone?

Thanks for the feedback about the RazIR camera – doesn’t sound like my cup of tea.
Has anyone heard of the WAHL HSI3000?
I just inquired about it from the manufacturer, and it sounds like a really good deal.
They sent me a side-by-side comparison with all major cameras. From the excel file that they sent me, it appears that the unit blows alot of the “popular” cameras out of the water. You know… there was a time when EVERYBODY drove a Ford or a Chevy.
They also sent me a "demo-for-a-day program.
All you do is fill out the paperwork, fax it to them, and they send you a demo for one day – shipping and return shipping all free.
The list price was almost $6000.00, but they quoted me $3995.00 bought directly from them.
If anyone is interested in what they have sent me for comparison, etc. let me know and I’ll see if I can attach the files to a reply. Some of the file formats are not approved for uploads, but I can probably squeeze them down into a PDF.

“Everyone drove Fords or Chevys.”

But the adage “you get what you pay for.” Also seems to apply to IR. You have to be careful with manufacturer provided specs. I would think you have to be careful with manufacturer provided sample photos as well. In the right situation any unit can produce nice pictures.

I used to have a brand other than the “big two” and it was supposed to have better specs than the Fluke I now own. But I am amazed everyday how the pictures I take now are vastly superior to the ones I used to take. That being said, I also notice that the other unit was slightly “easier” to use in the field, requiring less adjustment and focusing - I attribute that to the higher resolution.

In the end, test driving the unit is probably the best bet, though I would think a week is a little more reasonable time to make the decision. After my experience, my current plan will be to stay with either a Fluke or FLIR, until being truely convinced that an “offbrand” is comparable.

send me file if care Thanks

I’d like to see them too. You can upload them directly to my web server. http://utterprecision.com/upload

OJ Utter

James- Some of the specs match the Ti25 the i50 but it has a lower temperature range than the i50. Sensitivity is .15 compared to .1 on the i50 and Ti25. If you change over to the b50 and Tir1 your sensitivities are lower yet. Of course you can always make any camera that you find work for what you are wanting to do. There are those using the Razir. The big thing that you want to ask yourself is what kind of support are you going to get in the end and if you have a problem down the road with your camera. One thing that I have found with FLIR is they have been making cameras for 40+ years so they have the bugs worked out of the system. Reguardless of who you guy a camera through you deal directly with them for service. The b and i series cameras are basically a modification to the BCam and Infracam that have been out for 6 years already, so it is a proven camera. And they have been doing infrared cameras with digital intergrated into the camera since the early 2000s. They actually originally developed Fusion back in the 1970s but it didn’t take very well to the infrarared community back then so they dropped it until now, so even in that reguard they have been doing it the longest.

OJ Utter

Here are the files that are small enough to attach.
Thanks for the feedback
Mr. Wilson – please provide me with an email, and I will send you the others as well.
Mr. Utter – I just sent them to you as per your instructions.

Hi Jim,
Take a look at www.mikroshot.com. Based on the description that you had…this appears to be a better camera for you.
Brett Sargent

I though Wahl made hair clippers! Guess they are branching out.:roll:

I’ve heard of Wahl and done a lot of research on it and other brands. Just finally going to buy a camera. Personally know the distributor in my area for this equipment. I believe it is likely to be the way I’m going to go. They are huge in the temperature measuring world but have not tried to get into home inspections as Flir & Fluke have. I can help with discount for it if you wish