Waiting for contact from Proctor

Hello all,

I’ve recently completed the 120 hours for my Florida License. I paid for the Proctored exam Tuesday.

How long should I expect to wait before hearing from the Proctor? are we talking days, weeks, before I can expect to take the exam? Are there Proctors who take longer than others?

I’m just trying to judge how much time I’ll have for extra studying.

Also, I’ve been going on inspections with a local inspector in the afternoons after work for a couple weeks. I’ll be working with him after licensed. He’s been nice enough to show me the ropes and offered me a job already. I’d like to be able to give him a ballpark on how much longer this process takes. He’s very busy and wants me to take over 4 point inspections as soon as possible.

Can anyone give me a pall park on what to expect?

Thanks for your help.

Are you registered to take the exam at PSI?

Not as far as I know. I believe the location and time will be up to the Proctor.

I’ve completed the class work and payed for the exam on Inspector outlet, and choose Wally Conrad as the Proctor. There where only two Proctors in Jacksonville to choose from.

My understanding was the Proctor will contact me about time and place to take the exam.

Hey Bobby, my proctor was PSI and I had to give them the day and time that I preferred and then they told me right there on the phone what was available at the location I desired. This scheduling took place at the same time as payment. Not sure who your proctor is but that doesn’t sound right. I would call them back. Did you get email confirmation of your payment at least? Anything?

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I registered online with PSI and chose what day and time from several times a week they offer the NHIE.

Same thing last year when I took my FAA 107 for drones. They had several times to choose from and I registered for the earliest one and paid online.

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Bert, did you receive some form of certification of completion after your test. I was given my score printout immediately afterwards then assumed a cert. would arrive in mail but its been months. I called them about 2 weeks after testing and the person wasn’t sure and after checking for 15 minutes with someone else there she came back to the phone and told me I should receive it in 5 days. But it seemed like she really had no idea. That was months ago. What was your situation with this? For the NHIE

I never got one, just the printout they gave me at the testing center.

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I got a printout immediately after the test, put it in my pocket and drove home. Super simple and convenient.

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Bobby, I’m in FL too, it took several days to hear from the Proctor. Mine was at a construction school. They called and emailed me, they were pretty flexible with times. Good luck!

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I received an email this afternoon. Looks like I’ll be testing Friday the 26th.

Thanks Everyone

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