walk-in tubs

Thanks all who were helpful…:slight_smile:

I am certified for universal design and can help a little. There are a few sellers of these tubs and the same tub can cost double from one seller to another.

How old is the person needing the tub?
What are their limitations?
Will they be assisted when using the tub?
What is the room size and layout where you want to put the tub?

That and a few more questions.

You can call me after 8:30 central time, 9 would be better and I might be able to help.

Thanks Paul. I will get into the particulars in our call. Are you talking AM or PM?

Tonight is good. So is the morning. I just got back about 10 minutes ago.

interesting design, do these tub last? Seems like it would be prone to a leak and replacement given how much water a door has to hold back.

I think the design is stupid. You have to get in the tub naked and then wait for the water to fill up.

Not me, I fill the tub and my wife rolls me up in a snuggy, hooks up a cable to the collar and cranks me down into the tub.:wink:

I remembered this post when I saw the recall notice on certain Safe Step Walk-In Tubs.


Thanks, Bill…:slight_smile: