"walk through" just prior to taking possession

In this extremely competitive business, The Financial Toolbox Home Inspections… John Marston is increasing the bundle of services for home buyers. In addition to the IR scan, and the Boroscope where needed, The Financial Toolbox in including a “walk through” just prior to taking possession.
This reduces the stress a little from the fear of buying a “money pit” . In addition, I call from time to time to see if everything is as expected. John Marston home inspector also offers useful “tips” to help the new owners make repairs in a cost effective manner.

We all get kind words from time to time. What is significant about this is that I have added a free service for the purchaser. In French or English, after the inspection lasting about 2hours or so, then another 2 hours or so creating a “show and tell” type of report for the owners to use as a reference…. I add a free “walk through” a couple of days prior to possession.

Here is the result and kind words from one couple… Also, you might notice that I did ask and receive permission to publish their names.


Chris and I take possession of the house on Monday, March 11th and are hoping to do a final inspection on Sunday, March 10th. We are waiting to hear back from our Agent as to when this inspection will take place. Are you available next Sunday? Chris will get back to you with the confirmed date and time. Thank you again for offering to do a final walk-though with us as well, we really appreciate it!

Below is our comments on the work that you did for us.
We have recently purchased our first home and decided that it was in our best interest to have a home inspection done. We heard great things about John Marston from the Financial Toolbox and decided that he would be the best professional to complete our home inspection.
After John completed a professional and detailed home inspection, he took the time to sit down with us to go over his findings and recommendations. Two days after the inspection was complete we received a comprehensive home inspection report from John which included pictures of all the areas he examined. The details included whether the inspected item was in a good, fair or poor condition, along with the materials and his observation. We will definitely keep his inspection report to refer to as we renovate our new home and use it to help us prioritize what needs attention right away versus what can wait. What a great tool to have!
We would recommend John Marston to anyone that is looking for a home inspector. We cannot say enough positive things about his professionalism, accuracy, honesty and efficiency!”””

Hi Linda and Chris

Thank you for your kind words. I will be available on Sunday.

Would you give me permission to use your letter with your name attached?

A bientot


You’re welcome. We are more than happy to give you permission to use our names.
I’ll let you know the time as soon as we find out. Thank again!

Take care,

I agree William and it is a project I will also be working on next week. I have a consulting firm that is going to help get all the new website up introducing added benefits of IR after purchase and during along with more Intrusive Inspections after the purchase.
Thing I do not agree with and this just might be an error on your part or theirs is it says 2 days before receiving the report.
I always have my report to my Clients either the same day or at least with in 24 hrs.

Hi Kevin

Just to clarify… the initial inspection report is in the hands of the client either the same day or the next. This would depend on the complexity. I have no idea how to print out a report on site immediately following the inspection.

So… if the initial inspection would be March 15 and the occupancy would be 90 days later, the clients would have the “show and tell” report for their reference on March 15 or maximum March 16. The “walk through” would be around June 13 or so. A lot can happen in 90 days in my opinion.

Perhaps you might have some suggestions as to how I might promote my business in the Kingston area. I find that the real estate agents always use the same inspector of perhaps they might show the client 3 choices and suggest the one they prefer.

This is a tough nut to crack.


I am working on getting this to change or a least I was. Seem to me though that there are too many hands in the pie now so the “Watch Dog” will need to interfere to level the playing field. I informed him that he has a task on his hands to prevent wrong media hype about Licensing and even to bring this up at the meeting.
As for some Real Estate Agents.
What do you expect when it is not in there best interest to have a thorough inspection that cost them even more loss after a large cut is taken by Brokerage and a reduction in sales value.
They also have to fight to sell a house now with very heavy Advertizing too.