Walking on roof

Good or bad?

Not sure what you mean by that.
If you can walk the roof you do.

That’s what an inspector does.

If it’s safe and the roofing material allows it then why not?

Good if you can walk it safely and without damage to the roof covering.

Bad if it has to be inspected from the ground and miss defects not seen other than on the roof.

Recommendation for a Competent and Qualified Roofing Contractor would be prudent at that point.

I inspected this $1.5 mil. home this week. The buyer asked if would be walking the roof. I told him no, it’s too steep. He said he thought so and had a roofing contractor scheduled to inspect the roof. When the roofing contractor arrived, he inspected the roof just like I did- from the ground with binoculars. The roofer said he would need special safety equipment to get on the roof.

Downers Grove.JPG

That was a good decision Linas, I would have done the same and know that safety equipment is necessary for that type of inspection.

This is actual what Linus inspected.
They won’t let him in the top dollar inspections.

You would be surprise at what you will find on a roof when you walk it.
Oh ! Hell ! We are moderated now !

Safety is paramount. If a roofing contractor won’t walk it, you’ll always find someone that is stupid enough to do it.
Some has-been contractors will do it.
That’s why they’re has-been contractors. LMFAO

Stop talking about Roy that way. He’s sensitive.

If a roofing contractor won’t inspected my roof then he isn’t worth a crap!
Lanass blow it out your …
That’s kinda of stupid that a roofer won’t walk on a roof when he in the one that has to do the roofing.
Just think about it smuck !
Quit with the dumb answers. Be of some help or just shut up!
If ignorance is bliss you are King of Bliss !

Thanks for you intelligent response.

I think he is saying some additional safety equipment is needed to work on the roof…

I would not have walked that roof, but would have laddered the top of the bay window at the front of the house. That’s a silly design.