Walking through a column wonder land

I felt like I was in a forest on this commercial job yesterday.

Any guesses as to why so many columns?




Inadequate design?


Now that is absolutely ridiculous.

What’s above this area?

Lots of them look temporary—for future stairwells perhaps?

Temporary shoring for a concrete deck above. . .

What was being warehoused above?

Looking at the span of the steel beams and permanent columns the other ones look like temporary shoring wood beams and shoring columns.

Is it possible those were temporary while a concrete topping was being poured on the wood floor for radiant heating systmem?

What was above those areas?

Marcel :slight_smile:

It’s an aquarium that sells tropical fish. Standard, good practice.

It was at one time a Yoga & Dance studio.

The owner had them installed due to the floor bouncing like a trampoline.

Must of had some big ones up there…:mrgreen:

Oh this one had some serious mold to go along with it.